The Adafruit Huzzah and the Sparkfun Esp8266 dev board.

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Background. I was asked to put together a 2 day class on the internet of things at PNCA so I suggested that we try out the Adafruit huzzah.  while I was looking for it I came across the Sparkfun Esp8266 “thing” and the Esp8266 dev board. I used the Sparkfun Esp8266 dev board to implement a… Read more »

Setting up a Pd/Arduino Capable Pi.

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Steps Download and copy image from to sdcard. ssh to the device expand the file system using raspi-config sudo bash; apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade (WAIT AN ETERNATY!!!) apt-get install arduino xrdp Resources

Intermediate Arduino Day 1

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Leading Questions: What do you know? What do you not know? What Would be most helpful for you as an artist? Whiteboard from “what do you know?” (as a bullet list) I/O -> Massage -> Outputs (james) AD -> I/O -> Midi (christiano) Sensors -> Control movement / sound (gail) The Unit is robust/stable (julie)… Read more »

Your Own Protocol (Chapter 7 of Physical Computing)

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Once again find myself in a windowless cube. So I 3d printed a varient of a compact camera gimbal and attached an rpi camera to it.  I needed to set up a serial based protocol to talk to it. Its a pretty good example of creating your own protocol as described in the Physical Computing… Read more »