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This release contains:

  • avr-gcc-3.4.6
  • avr-binutils-2.17
  • and avr-libc 1.4.5
  • avrdude 5.2.

These versions are all patched using the patches released into the FreeBSD ports collection as of october first.

To keep the devices in sync I am also releasing avra 1.03 which adds the following to avra 1.02

  • AT90PWM2
  • AT90PWM3
  • AT90USB1286
  • AT90USB1287
  • ATmega164P
  • ATmega165P
  • ATmega169P
  • ATmega324P
  • ATmega3250P
  • ATmega325P
  • ATmega3290P
  • ATmega329P
  • ATmega48P
  • ATmega644P

(I will add this to the avra sourceforge project later)

The pre patched source for avr-gcc, avr-binutils, and avra are at

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