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  • Day 21: Thing 21 — Fred 644 (an attempt to port Arduino to another processor)

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/21/day-21-thing-21-fred-644-an-attempt-to-port-arduino-to-another-processor/ ) I wound up on the bus for much of the day so I took my laptop and ported the arduino “Core” to atmel’s Mega644 which has 4 times the memory of the new arduino as well as almost twice the number of pins avaliable. When I got to the bootloader I […]

  • Day 20: Thing 20: Arduino on a (simm) Stick

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/20/day-20-thing-20-arduino-on-a-simm-stick/) In response to a conversation I had with “lady ada” in which she asked me “what is an arduino?” I have been pushing the question “What isnt?”. I have a bunch of stuff that I have built around the simstick platform which I wanted to reclaim so I put a 168 on […]

  • Day 17: Thing 17: Soldering Iron Timer Redux

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/17/day-17-thing-17-soldering-iron-timer-redux/) Today I really made Space and time (The appartment was getting a bit difficult to get around in). So this is a make up entry. After oxydizing the first tip on my new weller I decided it was time to build a new soldering iron timer (and one for my glue gun […]

  • Day 16: Thing 16: Headbucket Headlights (more things that go blink in the night)

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/16/day-16-thing-16-headbucket-headlights-more-things-that-go-blink-in-the-night/) I went to the hardware store to replace the tip on my new Weller soldering iron after discovering that Radio Shack did not have a suitable one. At radio shack I picked up two 1100 mcd leds. On the way back I went to the art supply store to see if they […]

  • Day 14: Thing 14: Remote Arduino Programmer.

    (Archive of : http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/14/day-14-thing-14-remote-arduino-programmer-failed/) I have been so happy with the programmer that I have been using that I wanted to add this capability to the xbee rf modules that I built a few months ago. I wired dio0 to both send and recieve boards and put the cap on the output side and wired […]

  • Day12: Thing12 — Helmet Taillights

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/12/day12-thing12-helmet-taillights/) One of our local dorkbots put an arduino in a bucket the other day and I got inspired to put one in my head bucket. I lined the two largest holes in the back of the helmet with foil tape (for ducts) and then built two boards with leds and mounted in […]

  • Day 11: Thing 11 — led arrays

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/11/day-11-thing-11-led-arrays/) Today I got 2000 little leds in the mail. They are really bright. So of course I had to play around with them. I made 2 8×8 arrays one is made of magnet wire with no supporting background. I will figure out if I am going to mount this on somehting later. […]

  • Day 10: Thing 10 — Wheel Watchers for Hacked Tamaya Mouses.

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/10/day-10-thing-10-wheel-watchers-for-hacked-tamaya-mouses/) My son aidan and I have been working on a pair of arduino based robots. Today I had him look at the boards from the check reader pile and reverse engineer the emitter detector pairs that tell the reader when the check is present. After poking around at the circuit board he […]

  • Day 7: Thing 7: TA8080K Motor Board

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/07/day-7-thing-7-ta8080k-motor-board/) I have long been annoyed with how the l293s require 3 pins per motor to drive them and traded a couple of on hand mega8s for a bag of these toshiba parts. They are 1 amp motor drivers and perfect for some of the things I am working on for thing a […]

  • Day 4, Thing 4 Aduino (adaboot) Programmer.

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/04/day-4-thing-4-aduino-adaboot-programmer/) I was using the programming half of a a bulky prototype that I have been working on to program one of the mice from Day 1 and I looked at the pile hanging precariously off of the coffe table and thought to myself. “I need to just build one of these. “ […]