We designed this board as the centerpiece of our “Arduino Cult Induction” workshop at DorkBotPDX. The DorkBoard was born out of a need for a low cost platfrom and is about as minimalist as you can get and still be on a PCB. It is ideal for breadboarding, stand-alone use, and embedding into projects. Like all Suspect Devices boards, the Dorkboard is fabbed in America at Sunstone Circuits, our local favorite fab. Because of the high quality of the fabrication, these boards are robust enough to survive both beginning solderers and rework.

Pricing options

We are only selling packs of 10 kits through this site, but if you would like to buy a single kit, you can either buy them online from Wulfden or you can purchase singles at the next DorkbotPDX meeting from Don or Cameron in person.

Helpful links

Did you forget the cable pinout? Check the Duce page for the proper pinout.

As mentioned in the class, they are only two kinds of people — those that read the datasheet.
This covers the ATmega48, ATmega88, ATmega168, etc.

Atmel 8-bit AVR Microcontroller datasheet

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    • Cameron

      The kit is for our Arduino-compatible clone, the Dorkboard. You can get kits of the thing pictured above. You can purchase an actual Arduino at many places online.

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