The Duce is a general purpose board for Atmel’s at90usb162 and atmega8/16/32u2. Combined with open source code it can be used to easily create usb solutions. With relatively large components (tqfp, 603) the board is an excellent place to learn surface mount soldering as well as an inexpensive introduction to Atmel’s 90usb family of microcontrollers. Incidentally the Duce uses the same microcontroller as the new Arduino Uno. In fact, the firmware for the Uno is based on Dean Camera’s rewrite of the original Benito firmware.

Programmer cable pinout

The pinout for the cable is as follows:

  • Green: reset (pin 5)
  • White: GND (pin 9)
  • Black: VCC (pin 10)
  • Yellow: Rxd (pin 4)
  • Orange: Txd (pin 3)

Insert the cable with the green pointed toward the reset bridge on the Dorkboard.

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