No workshops right now. Check back in Spring 2013, or follow us on Twitter when we get a date.

If you took the last Arduino Cult Induction, check our resources guide for starters.

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  1. Michael Deal

    I was thinking about purchasing the Weller P2KC Professional Self-igniting Cordless Butane Soldering Iron Kit, will this work for the project and other Arduino projects? I like that it’s cordless, and has a range of 25-75W. Looking forwards to the class, just signed up!!


    • feurig

      We have had people bring in gas irons who have wound up borrowing an iron. I haven’t had a lot of positive experience with them but I don’t use one either. My personal favorite is the 25 watt weller that you can pick up at one of the local hardware stores (Beaumont, or the ace on NW Glisan for instance), or at URS (ne 7th and couch).

      My recommended soldering iron.

      Either way I will see you on the 10th.

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