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Suspect Devices is the embedded hardware and software design work of Donald Delmar Davis, with the help of Cameron Adamez and Tempus Dictum, Inc. Suspect Devices provides embedded tools and education to artists and musicians and is active in groups like ArtbotPDX and Dorkbotpdx. We are located in Portland Oregon.

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m looking forward to the 28th with the Arduino Cult Induction. Thanks for putting on such a wonderful workshop… can’t wait. I signed up for 2 spots because I am dragging my girlfriend along to build the kit with me. I think it’s gonna be a good time.

    P.S. Saw that pink wreck of a PogoPlug at DorkBot on Monday, let us know what you end up doing with your new Linux box. Looks like a fun project. Got any ideas for what I can do with an old TRS-80 Model 100? Still works. No Linux on it, obviously, but still not sure what I’m gonna do with it.

  2. I really loved the girls arduino cult induction! I thought you did a great job showing us the ropes and I was so incredibly proud and excited to have gone in not even knowing what a chip was and walking out with a blinking light. My husband bought a breadboard and arduino and we’re off to do cool things! Thanks again for organizing, and i hope to make more workshops in the future!

  3. Hi, Are you planning on having an arduino workshop in December? I would like to attend in the near future but can’t make the Nov session.

    Thanks, Alan

  4. Hi Don, it was great meeting you at Dorkbot on the 28th. When you get a chance, please give me an e-mail. I’d love to chat more about our game camps and connecting them up with the work of Suspect Devices.

  5. I was clicking of feurig’s links on SuspectDevice’s page:
    Under the heading, “Resources”

    and found they all dead-end on the DigiThink.com site. Could these be either restored or pout into an archive somewhere and the links fixed to match? Legacy information is very important to those of us who continue to use things we have made or want to make or for research. Thanks!

    • Doug,
      When you asked about that the links were 8 years old. Digithink, after 15 years of being on every spam list available the domain name became untenable. The firmware is pretty dead and besides Thats a 7 beer conversation.

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