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  • New Workshop Schedule

    Please join us on the last Sunday of the month for one or more of these opportunities to learn. This may change somewhat given schedule conflicts withe PNCA which has graciously hosted these classes for the last 3 years. I will be at the open lab Sunday and would like to discuss what could be […]

  • Arduino Cult Induction — 30 January 2011 — PNCA ($35)

  • The Modern World Video Game.

    This is an art piece that I did for a show in Spokane. When the Riverspeak people were talking about this show I had planned to work on a pendulum design that I have been toying with for some time.. As a secondary piece I wanted to use this beautiful 50s television that is in […]

  • Benito 2010 (e) Parts List.

    Qty Description Digikey # Price @ ~ 25 1 IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 32TQFP ATMEGA32U2-AU-ND 2.76360 2 CAP CERAMIC 1.0UF 10V X5R 0603 399-3118-1-ND 0.03600 2 RES 22 OHM 1/10W 5% 0603 SMD 311-22GRCT-ND 0.03480 4 RES 220 OHM 1/10W 5% 0603 SMD RHM220GDKR-ND 0.10820 1 LED 5MM BI-COLOR RED/YLW DIFF 754-1472-ND 0.18840 1 […]

  • Benito changes.

    One of the benefits of having laens pcb order available is that I can test design changes iteratively and explore other possibilities. The benitos i am using in the induction this month are the result of three iterative changes based on the original Benito and a redesign done by Monty Goodson a few years back. […]

  • This could be the last time

  • Focused workshop: Artbots 30 May 10 — PNCA ($35)

    In this workshop we will be taking our dorkboards and using them to create a simple machine that draws. The focus will be on hands on problem solving. What you will get. A servo and a geared motor with paper feed. A motor driver board. Misc parts. What to bring: A dorkboard, teensy or other […]

  • Running Paul Stoffregons’s teensy_serial arduino core on DFU based chips.

    With a lot of my projects I have done my prototyping with Paul Stoffregon’s Teensy series of boards before moving them onto their own codebases. On those occasions where the “prototype was all I needed” I would compile the code using the teensyduino and then manually load the .hex file onto the target. As I […]

  • Focused Workshop: Programming the Midi Monster (28FEB10 PNCA).

    What: Focused workshop: programming Midi devices using the Lightweight Usb For AVR library (Lufa) and the MidiMonster. When: Sunday 28 Feb 2010 1-5 pm. Where: PNCA (NW 12th and Johnson) #205 Cost: $35 (includes Midi Monster) (If you have a MidiMonster from the PD Workshop and wish to use it please bring $10) Materials: you […]

  • My Sample Design for Fabrication Workshop.

    At the eagle for fabrication workshop on sunday I started with a design that Thomas Lockney threatened to build about 2 years ago called the Low Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal. ( It was simple enough to get through the necessary parts of eagle that I was teaching and while it wasn’t perfect It beat the […]