My first E-bike

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Last time the government gave me a significant amount of unexpected money I bought a sporterized mac 90 (a semiautomatic ak-47). This time I decided to join a different revolution. With a projected cap of $1200 I asked a friend to help me pick parts for converting a Yamaha 850 tripple to electric. He remembered… Read more »

Resources for the Newly Inducted

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Now that you’ve taken the plunge into microcontrollers, here are some good resources to help you with your first project. Books Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest Mims A good resource if you have zero experience with electronics. Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers by Dan O’Sullivan and Tom Igoe Covers… Read more »

Slicing up Maple Bacon

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I had been itching to do more Eagle projects since I took Laen’s class, so Don tasked me with a variation of the Maple Mini┬áto use with a Gainspan module. It is rather large, but the surface mount parts are large enough to do at home on a hotplate. In fact, the board is designed… Read more »

The other open source (ITS THE Meta-DATA STUPID)

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I wish I had seen Ladyada’s blog about getting off the fence about kicad before she closed comments to it. I just ran up kicad on my mac and its still not ready for prime time. The worst part of it is that the designs that are in kicad are stuck in kicad. It scared… Read more »

My Sample Design for Fabrication Workshop.

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At the eagle for fabrication workshop on sunday I started with a design that Thomas Lockney threatened to build about 2 years ago called the Low Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal. ( It was simple enough to get through the necessary parts of eagle that I was teaching and while it wasn’t perfect It beat the… Read more »

3 ways to 3 volts

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I have a few devices that I need to interface to either the benito or another avr board that run at 3.3v. one is an ethernet interface, one is a bluetooth modem and then there are the x-bees. One Way: Simple Voltage Divider. When looking for interface examples for the xbee I found a site… Read more »