T.A.D. a Through hole Arduino-compatible Design

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Way back when the Arduino started out, you could lay out a single sided through hole design. People were encouraged to make their own. Then along came computers without serial ports and the need for everything to be USB and suddenly you couldn’t design an Arduino without a 4 dollar surface mount chip. So some… Read more »

A good stubby phillips.

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Whenever I look at integrating avrdude into a software solution I find myself thingking about how useless the “Phillip”s bit on a Leatherman(tm) tool is and how many times I have hurt myself using it when it was the tool on hand.

Rapha Race Controller

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Rapha Sportswear has a stationary race controller prototype that they need replicated for an event next week. The first step int this process was to break out the original design into 3 boards one for input processing one for the stepper drivers and one for the processor itself. Since the customer wanted to be able… Read more »

Benito: My first at90USB162 project.

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Introduction. The Benito Board is an at90USB162 board intended for use in programming and communicating with microcontrollers which have serial based bootloaders. Among those are the Phillips lpc21xx series ARM chips, the Dallas Semiconductor, DS500x family and Atmels using any number of STK500 compatible bootloaders. In the case of the Atmel and Phillips chips, a… Read more »

Arduino Programmer

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This was started at http://www.thing-a-day.com/2008/02/04/day-4-thing-4-aduino-adaboot-programmer/ It is part of the way that I do programming on the avr platform and the Arduino. I was using the programming half of a a bulky prototype that I have been working on to program an RBBa based maze solving mouse and I looked at the pile hanging precariously… Read more »