Category: Thing A Day 2009

  • Day 28, Thing 28, Teeth Redux

    (Archive of: Since I was too impatient last time I didnt get a particularly good cast. So I remade the plasticine imprints and poured candle wax into it giving me this wax positive. Wax Teeth Then I made a latex mold from these. I made a cast from casting resin that will probably go […]

  • Day 27, Thing 27, Teeth.

    (Archive of: I decided that my anamatron needed teeth. So I got some plasticine and decided to see how non toxic it really was. Then I filled the empty space with air dry clay. Teeth Teeth

  • Day 21, Thing 21, 30 “breadboard your own sanguino” kits

    (Archive of: For the workshop tomorrow. “Breadboard your own Sanguino” kits.

  • Day 20 thing 20: Breadboard Sanguino Programmer

    (Archive of: Breadboard Sanguino Programmer This programmer is based on the AvrOpendous avr910 protrammer used to load bootloaders onto 30 644Ps.

  • Day 19, Thing 19, Eyeball Camera Mount.

    (Archive of:

  • Day 18, Thing 18, Framework for Animatronic head.

    (Archive of: The software project I am working on are turning out to be 3-4 day projects so I will have to backfill. In the mean time I made this frame for an anamatronic head.

  • Day 15, Thing 15, Coffee Cup Manifesto.

    (Archive of: Using the code from friday the 13th I added a little animetronics to the apple developers speach synthesys demo code

  • Day 14, thing 14, 14 Dorkboards in Action

    (Archive of: Today I made myself go out and enjoy someone else’s work with my product the DorkBoard. One of my inductees Hans Lindauer put together a set  of Dorkboard based midi light controllers for a local band called Fleshtone. The community and I have been helping Hans with this for a while and […]

  • Day 13, Thing 13, Raw USB Device.

    (Archive of: I spent the day studying the code from the “USB Missile Launcher NZ Source Package” and then going back and rereading the Usb Device Interface Guide from apple. By days end I was able to talk directly from my cocoa application via control messages to the usb device.

  • Day 12, Thing 12, adding my bearing.

    (Archive of: I have been feeling very under the weather since monday so I am backlogged on my posting. This is the finished part of what I presented to the cocoaheads meeting on embedding quartz compositions into cocoa apps. The bearing in the lower left hand corner is from Cocoa and renedered in Quartz. […]