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  • Scary George. (driving a floppy drive stepper with the Arduino/Wiring platform)

    I wanted to quickly demonstrate using a stepper motor from a floppy drive with the Arduino/Wiring platform as a follow up to the weekend’s workshop. By the time we got to the stepper parts I was a bit scattered. So here is an example that I set up yesterday. I have a talking George Bush […]

  • 5 lines about 36 Blinking Lights.

    A while back I started thinking about a way to display stationary bike race results that didn’t require either a projector or a really complicated mechanical assembly. The thing that came to mind was a race tree like at the drag races. I asked Amanda who has been running bike events in portland if she […]

  • The War On Christmas Lights

    War on Christmas Lights from Donald Delmar Davis on Vimeo. Last year I cast a series of led arrays for thing-a-day but hadnt wired them up. With this in mind I ordered some hc595s in the last group order but the snow canceled the meeting. I have been thinking about using the avr to drive […]