Category: Mac Development

  • There’s trunk and then there’s whatever-ax-was-using

    feurig: ax have you gotten anything to work with deans post feburary lufa? [1:29pm] ax: post feb. hmm, i’d have to look into my project files to remember which version i was usting [1:29pm] ax: just a sec [1:29pm] feurig: I was pulling my hair out with the may release and then I went back […]

  • Why I hate DarwinPorts/MacPorts.

    Because they aren’t bsd ports. They force you to carry redundant dependencies. They do not allow you to fetch and compile the source files in a transparent way. They do not give you clean access to the patches they use to make things work. They haven’t had a current version of avr-gcc in over 4 […]

  • Acid Testing Your Time Machine Backups

    Disks Die, Laptops break, Bags are Stolen. It’s more or less a fact of life, In the 4 year process of transitioning from a noisy sun E-250 in the garage to something that could actually be in the same room with you I arrived at the above network arrangement. Most of the my data is […]

  • Postgres + Ruby + OSX=Multi Architectural Hell

    I was finally able to get my ruby/rails environment setup with my database of choice. It wasnt easy as postgres will not build with more than one architecture at a time, I had gone through similar hell the last time I tried to build anything on OSX that had to compile against libraries made for […]

  • Embedding Quartz Compositions in Cocoa Applications.

    Yesterday I asked Greg Borenstein what he was using to do his really cool Arduino presentations to show the hardware alongside the code being used to program it. His answer suprised me. It was a simple Quartz Composition run using Composer. He used it to flip the views put out by his web cam so […]