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  • I should drop out more often.

    Things are different. In the 2+ years after I gave up on making things for a living a lot of things have changed. Things on my personal radar…. The price points for adding wifi for Q<1000 is not $15. It’s $3. The Midi Manufacturers Association finally put 3.3v into the hardware standard. The Non compete […]

  • Making Stephen Wright’s Light Switch with the Adafruit Huzzah!

      Things are Different In 2012 I was struggling to put together a stm32 based wireless datalogger using leaflabs libmaple and a $20 wifi module. I had to write most of the code myself because libmaple was based on arduino-0022 and most of the wifi libraries made extensive use of the new classes available after […]

  • Stephen Wright’s Light Switch

    As an example of a project for last fall’s “Physical Computing for Artists” class I suggested a light switch based on one of Stephen Wrights comedy bits. ‘In my house there’s this light switch that doesn’t do anything. Every so often I would flick it on and off just to check. Yesterday, I got a […]

  • A quick one. (Kitchen Transit Tracker)

    (the -> means estimate based on gps data from the bus, * means scheduled time) A while a go TriMet opened up several APIs to let people access its Transit Tracker data. Since the bus on our route is rarely on time its always nice to know if you can relax and eat your breakfast […]

  • Cooking with the Maple Bacon, Saturday 25AUG12, 1-5 FreeGeek, $40

    Suspect Devices Presents: Cooking with Maple Bacon In this workshop we will introduce the Leaflabs Maple platform using our own varient of the maple mini, the “Maple Bacon”. This will be a software only (no soldering required) class and it will focus on programming. An introduction to the Maple IDE and a comparison of it […]

  • Bacomatic 5000 session notes.

    Here are the missing links and notes from my Open Source Bridge Talk for 2012. A web copy of the slides are at — makers of the arduino. — makers of the Maple platform. — maker of the teensy++ — hardware for the bom5k and the maple bacon.¬†— libmaple […]

  • Austin likes the Bacon!

    Cameron and I had a refreshing change of attitude and latitude, last weekend. Dorkbot Austin let us introduce them to the Maple Bacon which was well received. Thanks DorkbotATX! Photo from dorkbotatx’s twitter feed @dorkbotatx

  • Very Good! Very Nice! Very Easy I Wish You Could Smell This.

    For a while we have been working with a board that Cameron created called the Maple Bacon (, as well as a logging and wireless shield that we are calling the Baco-matic5000. The maple bacon is a clone of the maple mini ( . The point in recreating it was that LeafLabs did not stock […]

  • Slicing up Maple Bacon

    I had been itching to do more Eagle projects since I took Laen’s class, so Don tasked me with a variation of the Maple Mini¬†to use with a Gainspan module. It is rather large, but the surface mount parts are large enough to do at home on a hotplate. In fact, the board is designed […]