Category: Thing A Day 2008

  • Day 29: Thing 29: One more thing

    (Archive of: Today I “made” my 12 year old son program his own robot on his own computer. It’s not a thing necissarily but a culmination of things (1,10,24,and,26). I didn’t take photographs of him doing it but I had him download the arduino platform and then walked him through running the blink example […]

  • Day 28: Thing 28: Charley plexed display

    (Archive of: Today I made the software for some hardware that I built a while ago. The origional question was if I got 15000 leds for next to nothing and it costs 4-15 per 8×8 array (with the 4$ solution also needing 4 to eleven additional parts) to drive them are we getting anywhere? […]

  • Day 27: Thing 27: The last of the 4 led arrays

    (Archive of: And then there were 4. Since this is finally the end of this particular resin. I also went to get the right casting resin. Now to wire them up….

  • Day 26: Thing 26: PC Based Arduino Programmer.

    (Archive of: Since Aidan’s main computer is my old Del Lattitude running XP I realized that I should build a programmer for his system as it has a serial port. Basically its a max232 in a translucent plastic box with a buffer to drive some blinking lights so you know things are transmitting and […]

  • Day 25: Thing 25: AntiSocial(ism)

    (Archive of: I went to radio shack about a month ago and bought an utrasonic distance sensor made by parallax called a ping))). I have been feeling cranky and anti social lately so I thought I should make something that didnt want to be bothered. I am considering adding an air horn for people […]

  • Day 24: Thing 24 — Mouse Whiskers (touch sensor)

    (Archive of: Two weekends ago Aidan and I went to radio shack and he was looking at these $9 bug bots which have a sound sensor, two touch sensors (antennae) and 6 legs. He was very interseted in both the walking mechanism and the touch sensor. We decided that we should add one of […]

  • Day 23: Thing 23: DELETED!!! (Button and screen)

    (Archive of: After the last two days of disaster I got a new board in the mail. It has one of the new atmel USB avrs on it which I would like to work with instead of the the ftdi chipset for programming avrs and arduinos. Rather than attempt to do another complicated and […]

  • Day 22: Thing 22: The $15 Wiring Board

    (Archive of: Since I had so much trouble yesterday porting with getting the bootloader on a new processor I though I should try something easier (these are things that I have been meaning to do for some time so it seemed appropriate to try them on a timeline). Recently someone published the code for […]

  • Day 21: Thing 21 — Fred 644 (an attempt to port Arduino to another processor)

    (Archive of: ) I wound up on the bus for much of the day so I took my laptop and ported the arduino “Core” to atmel’s Mega644 which has 4 times the memory of the new arduino as well as almost twice the number of pins avaliable. When I got to the bootloader I […]

  • Day 20: Thing 20: Arduino on a (simm) Stick

    (Archive of: In response to a conversation I had with “lady ada” in which she asked me “what is an arduino?” I have been pushing the question “What isnt?”. I have a bunch of stuff that I have built around the simstick platform which I wanted to reclaim so I put a 168 on […]