Introducing my latest rathole: PiTerm1986

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This is a snapshot of the current readme: Updates and current progress are on its github page: GOAL: Convert 80s style user interface ( 8031 based ADP Product: chicklet keyboard and 2×20 lcd ) to pi zero based terminal using i2c based io expanders. Looking under the keyboard membrane and tracing the connectors we… Read more »


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This is a timer I built using a gutted alarm clock and a 2051. I developed the hardware using a DS5000 based emulater and the 89s8252 based programmer that I built last fall. Schematic The emulator The programmer Testing with actual chip The carcas The finished product buried on the messy bench code /*———————————————————————timer.c** This… Read more »

Bootstrap 89×051 programmer

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Bootstrap 89×051 programmer This is a result of many searches through the web to put together a 4051 programmer. Most of the programmers required a preprogrammed 4051. • Many of them used the reference circuit provided by atmel to supply the 0/5/12 programming voltage. This circuit used a 317 and a series of odd resister… Read more »

8051 Projects (circa mid 2002)

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The 8051 has come along way since I was a student. Windowed eproms etc, I would go into it but eventually I would sound like one of those old IMSI 8080 owners talking about loading their bootstraps one bit at a time. I have been working with the ds5000 and the atmel flash based family…. Read more »