Why I hate DarwinPorts/MacPorts.

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Because they aren’t bsd ports. They force you to carry redundant dependencies. They do not allow you to fetch and compile the source files in a transparent way. They do not give you clean access to the patches they use to make things work. They haven’t had a current version of avr-gcc in over 4… Read more »

Windward Notes.

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Mantras, Modularization. Simplicity. Stepwise refinement. Tools DS1306 Best code example is at .http://www.nearfuturelaboratory.com/2006/12/14/arduino-and-ds1306-real-time-clock/ only problem with sample code is that it only works in the full sp mode and the diagram on the page shows the other mode. (need a32khz crystal) To Do: Exchange for Tuesday Give walt 32khz crystals proto boards Bare lcd (maybe… Read more »

Drawing Machine #6

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This is an attemt to control vibration based movement by mounting motor on a servo. This experiment was not very successfull in realizing controll and destroyed itself in the process.