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  • A good stubby phillips.

    Whenever I look at integrating avrdude into a software solution I find myself thingking about how useless the “Phillip”s bit on a Leatherman(tm) tool is and how many times I have hurt myself using it when it was the tool on hand.

  • Benito 2010 (e) Parts List.

    Qty Description Digikey # Price @ ~ 25 1 IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 32TQFP ATMEGA32U2-AU-ND 2.76360 2 CAP CERAMIC 1.0UF 10V X5R 0603 399-3118-1-ND 0.03600 2 RES 22 OHM 1/10W 5% 0603 SMD 311-22GRCT-ND 0.03480 4 RES 220 OHM 1/10W 5% 0603 SMD RHM220GDKR-ND 0.10820 1 LED 5MM BI-COLOR RED/YLW DIFF 754-1472-ND 0.18840 1 […]

  • Benito changes.

    One of the benefits of having laens pcb order available is that I can test design changes iteratively and explore other possibilities. The benitos i am using in the induction this month are the result of three iterative changes based on the original Benito and a redesign done by Monty Goodson a few years back. […]

  • 98-all-your-atmel-belong-to-us

    Foobarred is Normal Recently I started using my linux laptop as my primary avr-usb development environment. When I upgraded the laptop to the current Ubuntu-LTS release (10.4 aka Lucid lynx) a bunch of stuff was broken including all of the wonderful udev rules provided by my linux savvy friends at dorkbotpdx. I mean jeesh even […]

  • There’s trunk and then there’s whatever-ax-was-using

    feurig: ax have you gotten anything to work with deans post feburary lufa? [1:29pm] ax: post feb. hmm, i’d have to look into my project files to remember which version i was usting [1:29pm] ax: just a sec [1:29pm] feurig: I was pulling my hair out with the may release and then I went back […]

  • Avr C programming references (linux-osx biased)

  • Making Pigs Fly — Object Space, Spokane 07-11 June 2010 ($105)

    An introduction to physical computing for artists and musicians. What: This workshop is an opportunity for 15 to 25 people to spend a week working on the fundamentals of integrating micro-controllers into the arts. At the end of the week participants should be able to build and program their own Arduino compatible micro-controller system and […]

  • Running Paul Stoffregons’s teensy_serial arduino core on DFU based chips.

    With a lot of my projects I have done my prototyping with Paul Stoffregon’s Teensy series of boards before moving them onto their own codebases. On those occasions where the “prototype was all I needed” I would compile the code using the teensyduino and then manually load the .hex file onto the target. As I […]

  • TestBox

    The testbox is an LCD/Dorkboard based arduino clone with two buttons and a pair of potentiometers. The switches, power and 4 io pins are made avaliable via screw terminals on the ouside of the testbox. #include /*————————————————————– pulse generator for test box Depending on the setting of left dial send send pulses out on digital […]

  • Reprogramming your avr-usb device using atmel’s built in bootloader

    Getting code onto the MidiMonster or Benito device. All of the code on the Benito and MidiMonster devices is open source and references an open source library called the Lightweight Usb For Avr (lufa). Getting the code compiled and onto the device requires a few other open source tools. AVR-GCC The most current and stable […]