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  • Drawing Machine #12

    I finally said to heck with it and abandoned my previous stepper based system. This is an avr based design with one avr providing the step function as an 12c device.

  • Drawing Machine #14

    This is a sort of meditation inspired by the etchasketch. Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 16:17:06 -0800 (PST) From: D. Delmar Davis <> To: D*** S********* <> Subject: Re: click click On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, D*** S******** wrote: > so what’s inside an etchasketch? > i’ve always wanted to know! > Aluminum powder and […]

  • Drawing Machine #13

    This is the second attempt to write the AVR code based on a technique based on the autonomous vehicle project described at Code /*———————————————————————————13.c $Revision: 1.2 $ Author: Donald Delmar Davis Date: 08feb03 Purpose: port of sketchy to avrgcc. Credits: AVR-GCC test program #4 (Author: Volker Oth) / Autonomous car program. */ //#if defined […]

  • Drawing Machine #11

    This really isnt a new drawing machine. It is a replacement of the simstick in dm1 with a dt107 and an atmel Mega8. This is my first crack at the avr servo driving. /*$Revision: 1.3 $ timings The idea here is that the maximum pulse is about 2ms. if we map the timings so that […]

  • Drawing Machines (2002-2003)

    Drawing Machines I have been working as a unix system admin for close to 10 years now much of it on the net where everything is transient, rushed, insecure, and obsolete before it is finished. Since I couldnt make welding pay my bills I came to a few conclusions. Computers should be fun and intertesting. […]

  • Drawing Machine #9

    Drawing machine #9 is another rover based machine.This machine will eventually be driven by the palm pilot. For now It is autonomous and the palm pilot just gets a free ride. It uses a very popular technique of hacking a servo. This is my first attempt at modifying servos I have photographed the stepps in […]

  • Drawing Machine #8

    These are my initial attempts at working through a rover based drawing machine. They were inspired largly by the Lego Mindstorms (TM) Art-Bot project that my then 6.5 year old son built and programmed with very little assistance from me. After playing with a Robotix based pen rover I decided to try to build a […]

  • Drawing Machine #5

    This is an attemt to recreate an art-bot submitted by Marvin Green to Robothon 95. The description is of a vibrator motor and a plastic cup. It actually works qutie well.

  • Drawing Machine # 3

    I purchased a chain and sprocket set from ServoCity while it didnt slop like the belt it stretched and was flexible in ways that make it useless.

  • Drawing Machine #2

    This machine consists of 2 servos controlling an aluminum arm with a pen attached. It is an attempted improvement on DM#1 by moving the weight back to the shoulder The belt used on this machine was completely unusable because it slipped and then all coordinates were useless. This caused the machine to leave the boundries […]