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  • Arduino code for Happy Accident 3

    /* Ping))) Sensor This sketch reads a PING))) ultrasonic rangefinder and returns the distance to the closest object in range. To do this, it sends a pulse to the sensor to initiate a reading, then listens for a pulse to return. The length of the returning pulse is proportional to the distance of the object […]

  • James’ progress update

    melodyDetector-140809-James Here’s my updated code.

  • James’ project progress

    Here’s my code for the arduino sketch and pure data so far. Works ok in really quiet environments if you play the song a two or three times. Would like to filter the data better to make it more accurate and perform better in environments with regular low-level noises going on. Also does anyone knows […]

  • link for Pd shift reg,161479.0.html

  • Communicating between the Arduino and pure data (on the raspberry pi) Pt. 1

    The simplest interaction between the arduino and pure data is by using the comport object in pure data and sending data to it using the Arduino’s Serial object. Below is an illustration of two way communication between pure data and the arduino.  On the right the comport object receives values as bytes and puts them […]

  • Cristiano’s Project

    My idea is still tentative, but I really want to take advantage of the leap motion sensors input capabilities. For now, I was thinking of hooking up each sensor to a separate servo motor with something interesting attached to each. If I can’t think of anything meaningful to append to the servos, I will make […]

  • fiber optic filaments

    Does anyone have any extra fiber optic filaments I could play with?

  • RasPi Troubleshooting

    Found this link helpful: I was curious what LEDs were indicating and this answered it, plus links to many more topics.

  • Intermediate Arduino Day 2

  • Request: please post resource list

    Here are a few Resources. This is not nearly complete but its a good place to put some of this stuff. I will keep adding to it.   The Raspberian Distribution that we are using. We are using a modified version of raspberrian that has pure data running on it. We added the arduino software and […]