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Intermediate Arduino Class

Trying to keep up from home.

My project is a Tipi / Skirt with a rotating video projection that will circulate the perimeter of the Tipi.  The idea is that the video (a figure) will be moving and the moving figure will make a circuit around the perimeter of the garment.  Ideally, I’d like to even upgrade this to have it triggered by a motion detection device so it activates when you’re in range.


Projection inside (rear projection)

Projection rotates

Loop initiated by motion


Even more bonus elements:

whole thing would be wired to turn on / off (power) by motion sensor so I don’t burn the projector out in the course of exhibiting the piece.

Here’s a link to an old blog of mine with an earlier piece (see kangaroo at bottom of blog)  Video clip to right projects inside pouch.

old blog


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