There is no bullet list like MY Bullet list

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(Notes to myself #rethinkeverything) Switch hands Move the pain  Rewire the brain It’s your data… Hand Copy it in Triplicate. If its social then scrape it and automate it. God knows they do. It’s your work. They can’t own what you learn. Redact and copy your notes in Triplicate. Create/test and share open source gists/solutions… Read more »


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In our last post we talked about wanting explore the use of two I2C based io expanders in an old school application. If it werent for the fact that there was a readymade lcd library for the mcp23017 I would have swapped the io expanders. No Pull-ups, No Pulldowns and no decent documentation on the… Read more »

Introducing my latest rathole: PiTerm1986

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This is a snapshot of the current readme: Updates and current progress are on its github page: GOAL: Convert 80s style user interface ( 8031 based ADP Product: chicklet keyboard and 2×20 lcd ) to pi zero based terminal using i2c based io expanders. Looking under the keyboard membrane and tracing the connectors we… Read more »

LEDE 19.07 on the Ubiquity ER-lite3

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The Ubiquity EdgeRouter Lite is my new favorite OpenWrt device. It is fast and inexpensive ($150 new) and the os is on a USB Stick. Pros 3 independent Gigabit network ports. Serial Console Cheap and still supported. Stock Edge-os would work for most tasks. OS on a USB-stick easiest backup and install EVER. 512 K… Read more »

My first E-bike

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Last time the government gave me a significant amount of unexpected money I bought a sporterized mac 90 (a semiautomatic ak-47). This time I decided to join a different revolution. With a projected cap of $1200 I asked a friend to help me pick parts for converting a Yamaha 850 tripple to electric. He remembered… Read more »