James’ project progress

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Here’s my code for the arduino sketch and pure data so far. Works ok in really quiet environments if you play the song a two or three times. Would like to filter the data better to make it more accurate and perform better in environments with regular low-level noises going on. Also does anyone knows… Read more »

Sue Update: LED control mock-up

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I made a mock-up in Max for LED control. Here’s a screenshot. LED-Mockup-Max I’m porting it to PD but in the meantime I am starting to work with Neopixel strips from AdaFruit and they have built in libraries for Arduino, so I will probably put this PD port on hold until I figure out which… Read more »

Cristiano’s Project

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My idea is still tentative, but I really want to take advantage of the leap motion sensors input capabilities. For now, I was thinking of hooking up each sensor to a separate servo motor with something interesting attached to each. If I can’t think of anything meaningful to append to the servos, I will make… Read more »

Request: please post resource list

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Here are a few Resources. This is not nearly complete but its a good place to put some of this stuff. I will keep adding to it.   The Raspberian Distribution that we are using. We are using a modified version of raspberrian that has pure data running on it. We added the arduino software and… Read more »