Reinventing the Wheel (watcher)

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Its not very often that you get to go back to old designs and make improvements. Recently I got to rework a design from last year and build on the collective knowlege of 2 design teams and 3 design cycles. Does practice make perfect? We shall see. The first run. Last year I got to… Read more »

Testing the Atmel Mega32U4

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While I am wrangling with the appropriate board design, I needed to get started working with the underlying software so I ran up one of the six samples I was able to get from Cascade on a tqfp adapter from measure explorer. The AtMega32U4 is the midrange model in the atmel usb chipset. It… Read more »

Note the dorkboard….

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Ethan and his dad came to the first dorkboard based induction. This is one of his recent projects. Very cool stuff.

Our first reseller.

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Brian Reilly at Wulfden picked up the dorkboard in his freeduino line of products. Yeah!

Rapha Race Controller

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Rapha Sportswear has a stationary race controller prototype that they need replicated for an event next week. The first step int this process was to break out the original design into 3 boards one for input processing one for the stepper drivers and one for the processor itself. Since the customer wanted to be able… Read more »

Happy Birthday to Me!

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I am old. I won’t say how old exactly but I am half way through a few experiments. Life, work. It makes me very happy that three of these experiments will be funded as Tempus Dictum Projects. The Dorkboard. The Benito Serial Programmer The Arduino Cult Induction Series. (Next Induction Sunday June 22) I would… Read more »

Write Locally Post Globally

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I like wordpress. It allows me to do much of what I post on the web without having to look at the underlying html and still letting me at the html. In fact I use WordPress to to post on Dorkbots Drupal pages. It is easier than hand rolling html and the new wordpress saves… Read more »

The Really Really Bare Bones Arduino

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This has been reposted on A few weeks ago I bought the last of the Really Bare Bones Arduino rev A boards from Brian at Wulfden ( I now have enough boards for one more workshop and then we have to reevaluate the boards which are avaliable. Pictured below is a finished board from… Read more »