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  • Reprogramming your avr-usb device using atmel’s built in bootloader

    Getting code onto the MidiMonster or Benito device. All of the code on the Benito and MidiMonster devices is open source and references an open source library called the Lightweight Usb For Avr (lufa). Getting the code compiled and onto the device requires a few other open source tools. AVR-GCC The most current and stable […]

  • Day 1: Thing 1: Midi Monster Board Design

    This month we have two workshops. One on interfacing Purdata with the outside world and one on programming midi devices. I designed one board that should work for both classes. I will blog a bit more about this technically later at dorkbotpdx.org/feurig but that was my thing for the day.

  • The $15 Wiring Board

    This was started out as one of my things for Thing-A-Day (2008) (http://www.thing-a-day.com/2008/02/22/day-22-thing-22-the-15-wiring-board/) This follows my work getting the wiring software platform working on some generic mega128 boards. It is somehow related to my work on reducing the costs of the Arduino runtime to less than $4 I recently found the code for an Stk500v2 […]

  • Day 28: Thing 28: Charley plexed display

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/28/day-28-thing-28-charley-plexed-display/) Today I made the software for some hardware that I built a while ago. The origional question was if I got 15000 leds for next to nothing and it costs 4-15 per 8×8 array (with the 4$ solution also needing 4 to eleven additional parts) to drive them are we getting anywhere? […]

  • Day 25: Thing 25: AntiSocial(ism)

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/25/day-25-thing-25-antisocialism/) I went to radio shack about a month ago and bought an utrasonic distance sensor made by parallax called a ping))). I have been feeling cranky and anti social lately so I thought I should make something that didnt want to be bothered. I am considering adding an air horn for people […]

  • Day 24: Thing 24 — Mouse Whiskers (touch sensor)

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/24/day-24-thing-24-mouse-whiskers-touch-sensor/) Two weekends ago Aidan and I went to radio shack and he was looking at these $9 bug bots which have a sound sensor, two touch sensors (antennae) and 6 legs. He was very interseted in both the walking mechanism and the touch sensor. We decided that we should add one of […]

  • Day 23: Thing 23: DELETED!!! (Button and screen)

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/23/day-23-thing-23-deleted-button-and-screen/) After the last two days of disaster I got a new board in the mail. It has one of the new atmel USB avrs on it which I would like to work with instead of the the ftdi chipset for programming avrs and arduinos. Rather than attempt to do another complicated and […]

  • Day 20: Thing 20: Arduino on a (simm) Stick

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/20/day-20-thing-20-arduino-on-a-simm-stick/) In response to a conversation I had with “lady ada” in which she asked me “what is an arduino?” I have been pushing the question “What isnt?”. I have a bunch of stuff that I have built around the simstick platform which I wanted to reclaim so I put a 168 on […]

  • Day 18: Thing 18: CD Hole Based circuit board.

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/18/day-18-thing-18-cd-hole-based-circuit-board/) I havent made a circuit board in ages. I was thinking that if I made circular pads for the leds they might make a decent reflections for the display. I made the etch mask for this out of the holes for press on cd lables and 1/8″ engineering tape. In the middle […]

  • Day 17: Thing 17: Soldering Iron Timer Redux

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/17/day-17-thing-17-soldering-iron-timer-redux/) Today I really made Space and time (The appartment was getting a bit difficult to get around in). So this is a make up entry. After oxydizing the first tip on my new weller I decided it was time to build a new soldering iron timer (and one for my glue gun […]