Errata for Physical Computing


physical-computingThis should be the resting place for an update to Dan O’Sullivan and Tom Igoe’s  “Physical Computing”. This text is an excellent reference in the domain however its code samples are almost entirely written in Basic and other languages that have fallen out of favor compared to C and varients of it like the Arduino/Wiring Platform.

As part of the continuing education class that I am teaching called Physical Computing for Artists ( I am translating the code samples from the varients of basic presented to Arduino/Wiring.

  1. Chapter 4: The MicroController
  2. Chapter 5: Programming
  3. Chapter 6: The “Big Four”; Schematics Programs, and Transducers
  4. Chapter 8: Physical Interaction Design.
  5. Page 310: Advanced Methods (midi)

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  1. […] Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers by Dan O’Sullivan and Tom Igoe Covers all the common use cases for kinetic sculpture and other art applications. The example code is being updated for Arduino-compatible microcontroller boards by Don as Errata for Physical Computing. […]

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