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Maple Bacon

Cooking with Maple Bacon

Suspect Devices Presents: Cooking with Maple Bacon

In this workshop we will introduce the Leaflabs Maple platform using our own varient of the maple mini, the “Maple Bacon”. This will be a software only (no soldering required) class and it will focus on programming.

  • An introduction to the Maple IDE and a comparison of it to the Arduino and Wiring Platforms.
  • An introduction to using libmaple from the command line and integrating it into an ide
  • Hardware Hello World.
  • Software Hello World (serial).
  • A more complicated example which will serve the following discussion
  • C(++) in an embedded environment
    • Datatypes
    • Structures,arrays,and enums
    • Scope, constants, and macros
    • C++ and Classes
  • Hardware interaction
    • Basic IO, Analog to Digital
    • Serial Ports (usb, usart, spi, twi)
    • External Interrupts
    • Timers
    • PWM

What to Bring:

A laptop and a standard usb a-b cable.


You can rsvp for this workshop at

(note: A Maple Bacon is included in the rsvp for the class. However please note that if you are unable to attend you are responsible for making other arrangements to recieve your board. )

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