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This was started at Bulky Prototype

It is part of the way that I do programming on the avr platform and the Arduino.

I was using the programming half of a a bulky prototype that I have been working on to program an RBBa based maze solving mouse and I looked at the pile hanging precariously off of the coffee table and thought to myself.

“I need to just build one of these. “

The finished product
Modifying Sparkfun Board. to fit in the box the input side
flea assembly blinkin lights in place
test run Translucence done  

So I did.

The programmer is based on the Auto-Reset Hack and the AdaBoot bootloader. The reset is pulled by putting a capacitor on the DTR line of the serial interface which is also the bootloader interface. Most people put the cap on the Arduino but I put it on the programmer (where it belongs). This programmer was built using the ftdi ft232rl breakout board sold by sparkfun. I had to trim it down to get it to fit in the pretty blue box i bought at Tap Plastics. The chip out of the box presents two of its 4 gpio (general pourpose i/o) pins to indicate when serial is being sent and recieved. I wired a pair of very bright leds that I had to them and then tried to pipe the light to the corners using some translucent plastic tubes and hot glue. It looks pretty cool!

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