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One of the benefits of having laens pcb order available is that I can test design changes iteratively and explore other possibilities. The benitos i am using in the induction this month are the result of three iterative changes based on the original Benito and a redesign done by Monty Goodson a few years back. They (the benito2010d) will be the last of the design to use the pinouts of the origional benito. Fot the end users the biggest change will be that the cable will be a mini-b like the one used on the teensy.

I am not entirely convinced that the mini-b is the right decision but the full sized b uses a lot of board real estate. The other changes on the board come from things that I did and did not like in the previous iterations.This board uses a few through hole parts where the previous versions used surface mount most noticeably for the leds and the switches. I also find that solder mask is not something to be left off of a board.

The next iteration will abandon the original benito pin-out in favor of the stk500 style pin-outs.

There will be two versions of this board available.

The e1 which will be primarily for the inductions and the e2 which will replace the benito pcb on the tempus dictum site.  I will update the parts list shortly along with the other parts of the site with the new design once the next board order goes through.

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