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feurig: ax have you gotten anything to work with deans post feburary lufa?
[1:29pm] ax: post feb. hmm, i’d have to look into my project files to remember which version i was usting
[1:29pm] ax: just a sec
[1:29pm] feurig: I was pulling my hair out with the may release and then I went back to the standard “what ever ax was using” and things started working
[1:30pm] feurig: you used the feb19 release on the midimonster stuff
[1:30pm] feurig: where is that (explicitive deleted) tourist????
[1:34pm] ax: yeah, /lufa_100219/
[1:35pm] ax: i like this ‘whatever ax was using’ standard
[1:35pm] ax:
[1:48pm] bzztbomb: That should be a source control tag

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