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Thing A Day 2008

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Since I had so much trouble yesterday porting with getting the bootloader on a new processor I though I should try something easier (these are things that I have been meaning to do for some time so it seemed appropriate to try them on a timeline).

Recently someone published the code for an Stk500v2 based bootloader for the new wiring platform. I have wanted to run wiring on several of the systems I have using the mega128 and the olimex header board that sparkfun sells. Between sparkfun and Ebay my per board cost is about 11 bucks. With the ftdi ft232rl usb to serial chip at $4 that would make the wiring platform affordable :)

On top of the latest wiring platform not running at all on my g4 I could not get the bootloader on either the sparkfun board or the et-avr-stamp that I had on the bench.

It turns out that part of the solution to this was in the next rev of the wiring software which fixed the bootloader issue. Once I got the bootloader to work with wiring I realized that the wiring platform requires a 32khz clock crystal to be connected to tosc1 and tosc2. Once this was added to both boards things started working.

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