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In this workshop we will be taking our dorkboards and using them to create a simple machine that draws. The focus will be on hands on problem solving.

What you will get.

  • A servo and a geared motor with paper feed.
  • A motor driver board.
  • Misc parts.

What to bring:

  • A dorkboard, teensy or other arduino capable board.
  • A soldering iron.
  • Some basic tools (esp wire cutters, x-acto knife)
  • superglue
  • A hot glue gun.
  • foamcore or cardboard.
  • $35 or a copy of your rsvp / paypal reciept.


PNCA — 1432 NW Johnson St, Room 205

Sunday May 30nd from 1 to 5pm

How do I rsvp?

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