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Avr Developmentelectronics

An introduction to physical computing for artists and musicians.


This workshop is an opportunity for 15 to 25 people to spend a week working on the fundamentals of integrating micro-controllers into the arts. At the end of the week participants should be able to build and program their own Arduino compatible micro-controller system and use it to interact with the physical world using motors servos lights relays and switches.

The workshop will be structured with a hands on approach. The theory being that we learn best by doing. The first two days will be devoted to building and programming the base platform and using it to control various devices. The remaining 3 days will be a lab devoted to incorporating the new tools into actual pieces. The cost of the course is $105 and includes the materials listed below as well as 5 days of hands on instruction.

What you will get.

  • A Benito usb to serial programmer
  • A Dorkboard! (an Arduino clone) Kit
  • An introduction to the Arduino and microcontrollers in an artists setting
  • A servo and a geared motor with paper feed.
  • A motor driver board.
  • Misc parts.
  • Help when you need it
  • To know that what you built worked at least once
  • Ideas

What to bring:

  • A laptop (there will be some (not many) loaner systems available)
  • A soldering iron (20-30W Pencil type)
  • A standard usb cable (A->B)
  • Some basic tools (esp wire cutters, x-acto knife)
  • superglue
  • A hot glue gun.
  • foamcore or cardboard.
  • A copy of your rsvp / paypal reciept.
  • Ideas.


June 7th through June 11th from 1-5pm.


Object Space Gallery:

1818 1/2 E Sprague, Spokane WA

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