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At the eagle for fabrication workshop on sunday I started with a design that Thomas Lockney threatened to build about 2 years ago called the Low Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal.


It was simple enough to get through the necessary parts of eagle that I was teaching and while it wasn’t perfect It beat the hell out of Craig Anderton’s circuits in terms of clarity and probability of actually working. To discuss from an over view perspective creating parts I decided to add the 1/4″ jacks from another great dorkbotpdx project from Hans Lindauer.

Once I got the library part together for the 1/4″ jack I had to rearrange things quite a bit but there was still pleanty of room. The next step was to add a power connector and a regulator. The idea is to be able to mount the resulting board in one of the cheapo danelectro pedels that I have around like this

In order to get the board to work out I had to create a new package for the potentiometers but I managed to get it all to fit on the board without resorting to surface mount components.

I will post the library example latere this evening.

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