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Bootstrap 89×051 programmer

This is a result of many searches through the web to put together a 4051 programmer. Most of the programmers required a preprogrammed 4051. Many of them used the reference circuit provided by atmel to supply the 0/5/12 programming voltage. This circuit used a 317 and a series of odd resister values which I had to fabricate using several less odd ones. •• I found a c based programmer which served as an algorythm. Unfortunately the source code was written for a commercial compiler. •••

So what the world needs now is another 89X051 programmer ••••This programmer uses an $7 Atmel AT89S8252 or AT89S53 which is programmed in circuit using Vona’s ’89prog’ and a 50cent Paralell Cable adapter. Asside from the Atmel which you can get from jdr microdevices or from digikey you can pretty much get everything else at radio shack. You could also probably use another in circuit programmer. I just figured this one out first. To make the programming more straight forward most of the pins required for programming are connected straight across (P1.0-7,P3.2-5) I may try to make a board which will work both as an adapter/emulator. The programming voltage circuit which uses common resistors values and general purpose transisters is from the burn project. It is written in the publically avaliable Small Device C Compiler.

  • Code
  • schematic

  • (I hate all of those 4051 programmers that require a preprogrammed 4051. They Suck!)
    •• (So does atmels 0/5/12 Programming Voltage circuit with its weird resistor values. It sucks too)
    ••• (which of course sucks).
    •••• (like I need a hole in my head).

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