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Drawing Machines

These are my initial attempts at working through a rover based drawing machine. They were inspired largly by the Lego Mindstorms (TM) Art-Bot project that my then 6.5 year old son built and programmed with very little assistance from me. After playing with a Robotix based pen rover I decided to try to build a stepper based one from the parts of a printer.

I abandoned this project when SDCC kept modifying the code I was attempting to use. It kept optimizing out loops which would wait for a timer interupt based variable changes. (curse evilyn the code modifying dog). By the time I had a prototype of done and hammered it with code resulting in mostly jitters the piece has mostly fallen appart. Iwill more than likely build a fresh one once I identify the appropriate matched stepper moters and start over using avr-gcc.

(And find a better picture of this thing)

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