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Drawing Machines

Drawing Machines

I have been working as a unix system admin for close to 10 years now

much of it on the net where everything is transient, rushed,
insecure, and obsolete before it is finished.

Since I couldnt make welding pay my bills I came to a few conclusions.

  1. Computers should be fun and intertesting.
  2. When I move a brick sized object somthing should happen.
  3. I have a hardware / software degree. I am supposed to know how to do this stuff.

It was either this or a snipercam.

Drawing Machine number 1
A servo based drawing arm

Drawing Machine number 2
An attempt to improve on #1
Drawing Machine #3 Attempt #3 at improvment
Drawing Machine #4 Attempt #4 at improvment

Drawing Machine number 5
Recreating Marvin Green’s entry into Robothon95 “Art ‘Bot” Competition

Drawing Machine number #6
Experimenting with servo control of vibration based movement
Drawing Machine number #7(a-e) Further experiments in this direction.

Drawing Machine #8(a-c)
Initial forey into pen rovers based on Mindstorms “art-bot”

Drawing Machine number #9
A hacked servo based “pen” computer.
Drawing Machine number #10? First crack at weighted drawing arm
Drawing Machine number #11 Replacing processor in Dm1 with AVR

Drawing Machine number #12
A better stepper motor based rover.

Drawing Machine number #13
Weighted drawing arm
Drawing Machine #14 Etchy Sketchy

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