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AVRGCC20070131 contains patched versions of

  • avr-gcc-4.1.1
  • avr-binutils-2.17
  • and libc-1.4.5
  • gdb-6.5

This includes the new_devices patches posted to the freebsd ports collection as of 01JAN07.

  • AvrDude5.3.1 contains avrdude 5.3.1 plus the osxintel hack
  • LibUsb.pkg contains the library required by avrdude to talk to the Atmel AVR-ISP MKII
  • AvrA1.0.3 contains a version of avra based on avra1.0.1 with my new device.c added to it.
  • Mfile is Jeorg Wunsch’s Makefile Generator
  • XCodeAvrTemplates contain the templates created by Nick Lott to make the tool chain work within XCode
  • simulavr.pkg and avarice contain experimental versions of these emulators.

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