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I have been really busy. So of course I have to start all over from srcatch. If you build gdb for either avarice or simulavr along with avra then scripting this environment goes out the obscening window. As usual however I start with the distfiles and the ports. In general the process goes like

  1. grab the “files” for the port
  2. grab the referenced in the files/<zzzz>/distinfo file (this could be automated)
  3. unpack and apply all of the patches in <zzzz>/files/patch-*. (except for the goober that I have to chase down with Joerge in gdb this could be automated).
  4. Then pull out the config args and the other compilation arguments from the make file. (Except that every other port has this done slightly differently this might be automatable)
  5. configure && make && make install (at this point the process becomes adaptive and frustraiting because the software is disparate and of varying quality, some of it requires you to upgrade Xcode (Avarice), Some of it wont obcening compile at all (Simulavr), and some of it is not as broken as it used to be but still doesnt have any of the new devices (avra)).
    1. So deal with it and a few days later…
  6. reinstall into a staging directory
  7. find all of the bin directories and run strip on the executables
  8. copy and adapt the package maker files to the new versions.
  9. repackage them using PackageMaker (this is automatable)
  10. make a folder
  11. build a readwrite uncompressed dmg from the folder
  12. mount dmg ajust the background and layout of the folder.
  13. test mount and install.
  14. convert dmg to compressed dmg.
  15. repeat for intel.
  16. release and pray.

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