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  • Day 28: Thing 28: Charley plexed display

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/28/day-28-thing-28-charley-plexed-display/) Today I made the software for some hardware that I built a while ago. The origional question was if I got 15000 leds for next to nothing and it costs 4-15 per 8×8 array (with the 4$ solution also needing 4 to eleven additional parts) to drive them are we getting anywhere? […]

  • Day 25: Thing 25: AntiSocial(ism)

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/25/day-25-thing-25-antisocialism/) I went to radio shack about a month ago and bought an utrasonic distance sensor made by parallax called a ping))). I have been feeling cranky and anti social lately so I thought I should make something that didnt want to be bothered. I am considering adding an air horn for people […]

  • Day 23: Thing 23: DELETED!!! (Button and screen)

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/23/day-23-thing-23-deleted-button-and-screen/) After the last two days of disaster I got a new board in the mail. It has one of the new atmel USB avrs on it which I would like to work with instead of the the ftdi chipset for programming avrs and arduinos. Rather than attempt to do another complicated and […]

  • Day 18: Thing 18: CD Hole Based circuit board.

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/18/day-18-thing-18-cd-hole-based-circuit-board/) I havent made a circuit board in ages. I was thinking that if I made circular pads for the leds they might make a decent reflections for the display. I made the etch mask for this out of the holes for press on cd lables and 1/8″ engineering tape. In the middle […]

  • Day 16: Thing 16: Headbucket Headlights (more things that go blink in the night)

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/16/day-16-thing-16-headbucket-headlights-more-things-that-go-blink-in-the-night/) I went to the hardware store to replace the tip on my new Weller soldering iron after discovering that Radio Shack did not have a suitable one. At radio shack I picked up two 1100 mcd leds. On the way back I went to the art supply store to see if they […]

  • Day 15: Thing 15: 8×8 Led Array Panel (Another thing that Goes Blink in the Night).

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/15/day-15-thing-15-8×8-led-array-panel-another-thing-that-goes-blink-in-the-night/) Yesterday I went to Tap Plastics and bought some resin after working on the programmer (yesterday’s thing). At dinner last night (which saved me from pulling my hair out for the entire evening trying to get virtual pc to flash the xbee modules from my mac) I was complaining that I have […]

  • Day 14: Thing 14: Remote Arduino Programmer.

    (Archive of : http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/14/day-14-thing-14-remote-arduino-programmer-failed/) I have been so happy with the programmer that I have been using that I wanted to add this capability to the xbee rf modules that I built a few months ago. I wired dio0 to both send and recieve boards and put the cap on the output side and wired […]

  • Day 11: Thing 11 — led arrays

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/11/day-11-thing-11-led-arrays/) Today I got 2000 little leds in the mail. They are really bright. So of course I had to play around with them. I made 2 8×8 arrays one is made of magnet wire with no supporting background. I will figure out if I am going to mount this on somehting later. […]

  • Day 7: Thing 7: TA8080K Motor Board

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/07/day-7-thing-7-ta8080k-motor-board/) I have long been annoyed with how the l293s require 3 pins per motor to drive them and traded a couple of on hand mega8s for a bag of these toshiba parts. They are 1 amp motor drivers and perfect for some of the things I am working on for thing a […]

  • Day 6: Thing 6 — Motorized Etch-A-Sketch(r) mechanism

    (Archive of: http://www.thing-a-day2.com/2008/02/06/day-6-thing-6-motorized-etch-a-sketchr-mechanism/) Several years ago I took apart an Etch-A-Sketch and took notes on the “complicated pully system” inside. have wanted to build one of these since then. With this  and several other projects in mind I bought a small pile of Tamaya pully sets. (this project ate most of 3 of them) This […]