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Thing A Day 2008

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Today we made 4 things, and broke 2 soldering irons.

Thing 1a closet shelves.

Left Shelf
Shelf 2
I recently moved out of my storage unit. While putting most of the boxes into my hall closet I realized that there was a ledge which would make it a no brainer to put in a shelve. So I cut down some laminated boards that I dumpster dove last year and rounded the corners off of
them so I wouldnt hurt myself coming and going. I hot glued the edge of the laminate around the corner so It looks good as well :)

Thing 1 b and c Meg and A168 mouse (arduino based mouse bots).

Meg and A168 mouses.

My son and I have been working on modifying a pair of Tamaya wall following mice. After some thought and discussion we decided to build both of them out using the arduino and the motor controller boards that I had built for this purpose previously. My main soldering iron went out in the morning when I was preparing these. My spare went out in the middle of the second motor contoller board. I should move the soldering iron timer up on my to do list.

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