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Thing A Day 2008

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For starters I thought i would sit down and see if I had more than 30 things on my to do list that I could do in a day or less. I got stuck fast. Most of the things on my to do list are multiple day projects. So I will list some of the things that are on my bench.

  1. “Have a Nice Day” (M./F.)Displays
    1. Rain “Gear” Display
    2. Hdsp-201x based display
      1. Creapy Pilot display
      2. cute little box.
    3. VFD
    4. CharleyPlexed leds
  2. Stackable Boxes
  3. Arduino Based Projects.
    1. New Soldering Iron Timer.
    2. Tiny45 / Tiny 24 emulation pods.
    3. Reset hack for xbee/arduino board.
    4. Line follower from bench scratch.
    5. Fishy Sculpture.
    6. Buzzbomb populate analog board
    7. Mega644 port
    8. a 168 (meg mouses twin for aidan)
    9. Stepper motor based pen bot.
  4. Wiring Based Projects.
    1. SorryBot prototype
    2. sorrybot board
    3. Etchy Sketchy.
  5. Crowswings
  6. Internal combustion frame.
  7. ftdi breakout boards
  8. max7219 breakoutboards
  9. Flow Charting Unit for Lego Robotics
  10. Battery Charging Circuit for Bicycle.

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