Acid Testing Your Time Machine Backups

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Disks Die, Laptops break, Bags are Stolen. It’s more or less a fact of life, In the 4 year process of transitioning from a noisy sun E-250 in the garage to something that could actually be in the same room with you I arrived at the above network arrangement. Most of the my data is… Read more »

Day 1: Thing 1: Midi Monster Board Design

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This month we have two workshops. One on interfacing Purdata with the outside world and one on programming midi devices. I designed one board that should work for both classes. I will blog a bit more about this technically later at but that was my thing for the day.

Postgres + Ruby + OSX=Multi Architectural Hell

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I was finally able to get my ruby/rails environment setup with my database of choice. It wasnt easy as postgres will not build with more than one architecture at a time, I had gone through similar hell the last time I tried to build anything on OSX that had to compile against libraries made for… Read more »

My Sample Design for Fabrication Workshop.

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At the eagle for fabrication workshop on sunday I started with a design that Thomas Lockney threatened to build about 2 years ago called the Low Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal. ( It was simple enough to get through the necessary parts of eagle that I was teaching and while it wasn’t perfect It beat the… Read more »

Excuse our dust.

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As I am rebuilding our web server I am consolodating my nerdy stuff. This domain was origionally where I placed information on my installable package for the avr-gcc toolchain for OSX which came out of the stuff I was working on.

circuit design for fabrication

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Workshop: circuit design for fabrication (PNCA 29Nov09 1-5pm $35)


As many of you may be aware Laen has been putting together a group ordering process for circuit board fabrications somewhat like SparkFun’s BatchPCB service except with less time lag and the fabrication is done in the USA.

Motors and Servos and Solenoids, OH MY (rev2).

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On Sunday the 25th I am going to do an animtronicx workshop covering driving
motors, servos and relays with the arduino/wiring platform.
I will be covering the a couple of popular chips: The l293D for
driving motors , and the ULN2803 darlington array for driving relays,
stepper motors and other devices.
The workshop will cost $35 and will include these chips, a motor, a standard sized servo and a board for the motor driver.

The idea is to get as much hands on and working as possible so please