Bacomatic 5000 session notes.

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Here are the missing links and notes from my Open Source Bridge Talk for 2012. A web copy of the slides are at — makers of the arduino. — makers of the Maple platform. — maker of the teensy++ — hardware for the bom5k and the maple bacon.¬†— libmaple… Read more »

Austin likes the Bacon!

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Cameron and I had a refreshing change of attitude and latitude, last weekend. Dorkbot Austin let us introduce them to the Maple Bacon which was well received. Thanks DorkbotATX! Photo from dorkbotatx’s twitter feed @dorkbotatx

Very Good! Very Nice! Very Easy I Wish You Could Smell This.

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For a while we have been working with a board that Cameron created called the Maple Bacon (, as well as a logging and wireless shield that we are calling the Baco-matic5000. The maple bacon is a clone of the maple mini ( . The point in recreating it was that LeafLabs did not stock… Read more »

My $33 linux box.

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The dorkbotPDX mailing list recently posted a link to a 25 dollar arm linux based nas called the PogoPlug. It was pink and ugly but it was $33 with shipping, so I bought one. It was stashed conspicuously under the rug by the nice people at UPS yesterday after I signed a slip saying they… Read more »

The other open source (ITS THE Meta-DATA STUPID)

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I wish I had seen Ladyada’s blog about getting off the fence about kicad before she closed comments to it. I just ran up kicad on my mac and its still not ready for prime time. The worst part of it is that the designs that are in kicad are stuck in kicad. It scared… Read more »

Getting Old School!

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Arduino Cult Induction 30OCT11 at ADX Introducing the TAD (a Through-hole Arduino compatible Design).     During this quarter’s induction we are going to try something different. We are going to build a complete arduino compatible board made entirely of through hole components.¬† Called the TAD (for Through hole Arduino compatible Design) The board uses… Read more »