January Induction Followup.

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I recently fixed some issues with the benito arduino programmer and upgraded it to the latest version of the LUFA library. I hadnt noticed that there was a miss match between the .inf and the library supplied descriptors. My appoligies to the two xp users. As this is the only batch with this issue I will reprogram the boards that I currently have. In the mean time this can be fixed by changing the following line in the current driver file from:

%Modem3% = Modem3, USBVID_03EB&PID_204B


%Modem3% = Modem3, USBVID_03EB&PID_2044

Arduino Cult Induciton: Second Session Feb 8th.

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The Second session of the induction is getting close to 20 prepayed people so if you havent rsvpd please do so soon (either bring check/money to the meeting monday or paypal $25 to cult /at/ tempusdictum.com)


PS There will be another induction in late april.

War on Christmas Lights.

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To Boldly Go…

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I finally got a chance to wire up the first of my ATMega32U4 samples (see atmel doc7766). Like all of atmel’s usb chips it comes up as a bootloader. Now we get to go through the list of things that are probably broken (starting with dfu-programmer which I already know from fixing it for the at90usb647 is broken).

Focused Workshop, 30Nov08, Making Noise with the Arduino.

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As a part of the ongoing Arduino Cult Induction workshop series, this month we will be focusing on sound.

In particular I will be going over creating sound using the Arduino’s built in Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Direct Digital Synthesis using resistive ladders. We will investigate using the Piezo element
as both a simple speaker and an input trigger. We will review the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) from a hardware and software perspective, and look at a couple of useful integrated

Build Your own open source usb/midi gateway

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I am trying to digest this document.


USB encapsulates midi data into 4 byte chunks and adds the notion of virtual cables.
The first byte in the packet is the cable number and something called the Code Index Number. The remaining 3 bytes are either midi or padding depending on the packet.

Most of the relevant midi status commands have a corresponding Code Index Number.

All Hail the blinkin lights!

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Wanna dorkboard but afraid of surface mount?

Brian Riley at Wulfden will sell you a stripped down dorkboard kit with the reset pullup resister and the programming jumper ALREADY SOLDERED! and for another 6 bucks you can build a nifty flashlight!


Schematic for the flashlight kit.

Bootloaders? We dont need no stinking Bootloaders!

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Using the new features of arduino 12.

There is much that is new in the new arduino. Most of it in the user libraries and all of it good. My favorite is the addition of the ability to specify a different programmer as long as its avrdude approved.

boards.txt and programmers.txt

If you select the boards on my Arduino setup it will look very different than the stock Arduino.

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