Missing Links and Moments of Truth.

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Missing Links.

One of the joys of the Arduino Cult Induction Sessions is that mistakes and omissions are generally caught on the spot and there is no lag between the steps we forgot to include an the instructions and the person who’s board isn’t working.

Arduino Code for Thought (spi slave)

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This is something to chew on while I put together some bigger pieces.

See also AVR151 at http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/app_notes.asp?family_id=607

* This program lights pins 2-9 with data recieved via the spi port.
* it also resends the bytes back through the port.
* Based on Atmel application note avr151.
* Donald Delmar Davis, Tempus Dictum, Inc.
#define SPI_SCK 13
#define SPI_MISO 12
#define SPI_MOSI 11
#define SPI_SS 10

void SPI_Init(void);

Arduino Cult Induction Rev3 Followup

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This group got further along than any induction so far. I was really happy and thank every one who came out. I have a couple of things here as a follow up that might be helpfull and if you leave comments or email me I can follow up here as well.

First here is a map of the dorkboard pins using the arduino pin numbering system.

Also here is the .inf file which makes the Benito use the built in windows drivers.

; Windows MyUSB USB to Serial Setup File
; Copyright (c) 2000 Microsoft Corporation

Cables for DorkbotPDX Programmers (updated for benito7g and dorkboards).

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In the course of the Arduino Cult Induction series and the group purchases, I have evolved several versions of the DorkbotPDX programmer and released them into the wild. Unfortunately the pinouts for the programming cable have evolved with the programmers so the cables are unique to each. With the batch of programmers we just purchased this will settle down Though the pinout may not make sense in this particular case it will be the same for at least 1000 boards.

Here is a quick guide to cables for the DorkbotPDX programming boards for the rbba and the dorkboard.

Benito7 rev G

Once More With Feeling.

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more information at http://dorkbotpdx.org/workshop/arduino/cult_induction_rev2

RSVP to DDelmarDavis at gmail.

Happy Birtday to Me!

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I am old. I won’t say how old exactly but I am half way through a few experiments.

Three of these experiments will be funded as Tempus Dictum Products.

  1. The Dorkboard.

  2. The Benito Serial Programmer

  3. The Arduino Cult Induction Series.
    (Next Induction Sunday June 22)

This is clearly Jasons Fault.

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