circuit design for fabrication

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Workshop: circuit design for fabrication (PNCA 29Nov09 1-5pm $35)


As many of you may be aware Laen has been putting together a group ordering process for circuit board fabrications somewhat like SparkFun’s BatchPCB service except with less time lag and the fabrication is done in the USA.

Motors and Servos and Solenoids, OH MY (rev2).

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On Sunday the 25th I am going to do an animtronicx workshop covering driving
motors, servos and relays with the arduino/wiring platform.
I will be covering the a couple of popular chips: The l293D for
driving motors , and the ULN2803 darlington array for driving relays,
stepper motors and other devices.
The workshop will cost $35 and will include these chips, a motor, a standard sized servo and a board for the motor driver.

The idea is to get as much hands on and working as possible so please

5 lines about 36 Blinking Lights.

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A while back I started thinking about a way to display stationary bike race results that didn’t require either a projector or a really complicated mechanical assembly. The thing that came to mind was a race tree like at the drag races. I asked Amanda who has been running bike events in portland if she could get me 12 lights. I wound up with pile of Bike Planet lights which required about a weeks worth of surgery.


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When I created the Benito I was working on a specific need for an arduino “programmer”. Since then several products have come out which are comparable and in some cases less expensive than the manual labor it takes me to build out and program the boards. One of these is the bumble-b. from Dave Fletcher. For this months arduino cult induction I will be evaluating the bumble-b as a possible replacement.

Fabrication Workshop Followup.

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First let me thank the group of people who came on sunday for the first crack at the fabrication and circuit board workshop. I realize that we spent a lot of time in eagle and not enough time actually doing the etch process. In the future I will probably do a separate workshop for eagle alone.

For this reason I will be available Sunday at TDIs workshop at 833 SE Main #125 for any of yesterdays participants who would like to go over the process of etching the board again and to get some hands on practice.