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  • Finally the Wiring board priced as advertised.

    For all of my talk of the Arduino being to expensive to deploy I have yet to find its older brother priced anywhere near the $60 that the wiring folks talk about. Until now. I wish this had gone on sale when I was still employed. I bought one anyways.

  • Harmonica Machines (the portland art center strikes again)

    Until November 30th there are about 20 some odd harmonicas being played prosthetically. There is no intelligence behind them but it looks like most of the the mechanism was custom machined and it is worth seeing because it is well done.

  • Arduino 10, uisp and the rest of us.

    I was looking at the new arduino and the api and noticing a few things that should have been implemented a long time in the new board. Not the least of which is the reset being hooked up to the fdti chip so that you dont have to intervene to download your code. There are still a few things that I am missing. Not the least of which is the necessity of using a serial boot loader. If the boot loader uses the stk500 then you would be best off with a cheep clone like one of these.

  • Some amazing kinetic sculpture at Visage, 1046 Nw Johnson St.

  • 1.75 arduino board….

    This just went into a second rev so the initial boards are going for super cheep. I plan to buy some on monday.

  • genz, the next thing in arduino.

    I have been working on stripping the arduino down to something that should cost about $6 by pulling the power and the serial off of the board. The pic above is a dip version. If I went to olimex I could probably get the board cost to about 6 bucks for the board. So I thought about smt and eliminating the headers (which cost about a buck all told) This is where I am heading but it is not quite done.

  • The missing 3 lines of code

    void setup(void)
    TCCR1A = 0×00; // sets timer control bits to PWM Phase and Frequency Correct mode
    TCCR1B = 0×12; // sets timer control bits to Prescaler N = 8
    ICR1 = 0×07d0; // Upper Timer Limit = 2000 (in hex) equals 2ms
    //after which you can analogWrite to pins 9 and 10

  • Sour Grapes.

    Amazing link. windcatcher via alexis turner Not sure how to comment. (still Not entirely sold on the delic.i.urwierdness.)

  • Enough Takillme.

    Feeling those doubles today. Links from conversations: open JTAG: LED BALL: HArd DRive Speakers: ,

  • Pdxbot.07 recap and my 3 day drawing arm.

    There is something perverse about creating an event and then winning it. It seems as thought Thomas, Jason, and I along with a few other dorks put in more hours in meetings, creating art and preparing for pdxbot.07 than pretty much any of our personal projects let alone anything that we could have brought to it.