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Tack #1

Write script to download and patch FreeBSD sources.

function getfiles ()
for fname in $FILES ; do
echo "GETTING ----- $fname -----"
case ${fname##*.} in
     echo "GETTING ----- $fname ----- using bunzip "
      |bunzip2 -dc|tar -xf -
     echo "GETTING ----- $fname ----- using gunzip "
      |gzip -dc|tar -xf -


function patchfiles () {
PORTNAME=`cat $port/Makefile |grep ^PORTNAME|cut -f2`
PORTVERSION=`cat $port/Makefile |grep ^PORTVERSION|cut -f2`
echo "-------- PATCHING HERE `pwd`  ------"
for p in $ocd/$port/files/patch* ; do
   patch -p0 -u <$p
cd $ocd


function makeit () {
CONFIGURE_ARGS=`cat $port/Makefile |grep ^CONFIGURE_ARGS|sed 's/^CONFIGURE_ARGS=t//'`
MAKE_ARGS=`cat $port/Makefile |grep ^MAKE_ARGS|sed 's/^MAKE_ARGS=t//'`
PORTNAME=`cat $port/Makefile |grep ^PORTNAME|cut -f2`
PORTVERSION=`cat $port/Makefile |grep ^PORTVERSION|cut -f2`
echo "-------- CONFIGURING HERE `pwd`  ------"
echo "$CONFIGURE_ENV ./configure $CONFIGURE_ARGS "
export `cat $port/Makefile |grep ^CONFIGURE_ENV|sed 's/t/ /g'|sed 's/^CONFIGURE_ENV=//'`
./configure $CONFIGURE_ARGS >config.out
echo "$MAKE_ENV make $MAKE_FLAGS && $MAKE_ENV make $MAKE_FLAGS install"
export `cat $port/Makefile |grep ^MAKE_ENV|sed 's/t/ /g'|sed 's/^MAKE_ENV=//'`
make $MAKE_FLAGS && make $MAKE_FLAGS install
# make $MAKE_FLAGS distclean
cd $ocd

for port in avr-binutils avr-gcc avr-libc avr-gdb avarice simulavr ; do
curl  "$port/$port.tar.gz?tarball=1"|gzip -dc|tar -xvf -
export FILES=`grep MD5 $port/distinfo|cut -d( -f2|cut -d) -f1`
getfiles "$FILES"
patchfiles "$port" "$FILES"
makeit "$port" "$FILES"

Tack #2

Work with the ports tree, bsdmake and the .mk files to try to get the download, build and packaging to work as they do in the ports.

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Two months ago fellow PARTs person and DorkbotPDXer Mark Gross gave me a $100 gift certificate from Sunstone Circuits from last years PDXBot. Sunstone circuits is a local (oregon) board fabrication company who makes a windows based design to board solution called pcb123.  Since i am Mac based I had been putting off the board design until the last possible minute. I had several ideas which I have been laying out and fabbing by hand and a lot of other things on my plate. I had planned to select a design and work on the boards the week of after the arduno cult indoctrination but after spending the weekend frantically building 27 ftdi based boards and then finding that the design in process needed to be simplified if it was to be unleased on the general public. I instead focused on learning cocoa and leaving any new hardware design on the backburner.  I did spend a few hours redesigning my ftdi based boards and then used that work to make a single purpose board based on the benito 5 programmer that I built and have been developing with monty goodson of bittybot.   

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I have been really busy. So of course I have to start all over from srcatch. If you build gdb for either avarice or simulavr along with avra then scripting this environment goes out the obscening window. As usual however I start with the distfiles and the ports. In general the process goes like

  1. grab the “files” for the port
  2. grab the referenced in the files/<zzzz>/distinfo file (this could be automated)
  3. unpack and apply all of the patches in <zzzz>/files/patch-*. (except for the goober that I have to chase down with Joerge in gdb this could be automated).
  4. Then pull out the config args and the other compilation arguments from the make file. (Except that every other port has this done slightly differently this might be automatable)
  5. configure && make && make install (at this point the process becomes adaptive and frustraiting because the software is disparate and of varying quality, some of it requires you to upgrade Xcode (Avarice), Some of it wont obcening compile at all (Simulavr), and some of it is not as broken as it used to be but still doesnt have any of the new devices (avra)).
    1. So deal with it and a few days later…
  6. reinstall into a staging directory
  7. find all of the bin directories and run strip on the executables
  8. copy and adapt the package maker files to the new versions.
  9. repackage them using PackageMaker (this is automatable)
  10. make a folder
  11. build a readwrite uncompressed dmg from the folder
  12. mount dmg ajust the background and layout of the folder.
  13. test mount and install.
  14. convert dmg to compressed dmg.
  15. repeat for intel.
  16. release and pray.

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This just went into a second rev so the initial boards are going for super cheep. I plan to buy some on monday.

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I have been working on stripping the arduino down to something that should cost about $6 by pulling the power and the serial off of the board.
The pic above is a dip version. If I went to olimex I could probably get the board cost to about 6 bucks for the board. So I thought about smt and eliminating the headers (which cost about a buck all told) This is where I am heading but it is not quite done.

This would be an 1″x1″ square with stk500 compatible ports on their sides like a card edge. You could solder directly or you could solder the headers on them. The power and the serial are consolidated into a header along with the reset. This will probably wind up reworked slightly.

If you want to monkey with it or finish the routing the eagle files are at.

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void setup(void)
TCCR1A = 0×00; // sets timer control bits to PWM Phase and Frequency Correct mode
TCCR1B = 0×12; // sets timer control bits to Prescaler N = 8
ICR1 = 0×07d0; // Upper Timer Limit = 2000 (in hex) equals 2ms

//after which you can analogWrite to pins 9 and 10

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Amazing link.

windcatcher via alexis turner

Not sure how to comment.
(still Not entirely sold on the delic.i.urwierdness.)

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Feeling those doubles today.

Links from conversations:

open JTAG:


HArd DRive Speakers:

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There is something perverse about creating an event and then winning it.
It seems as thought Thomas, Jason, and I along with a few other dorks put in more hours in meetings, creating art and preparing for pdxbot.07 than pretty much any of our personal projects let alone anything that we could have brought to it.

In addition to representing dorkbot at the event and sponsoring the artbot competition Jason did the logo design and we collectively then created the awards and tee shirt designs for this year. The parts people seemed to be happy but I think it wore us a bit thin.
Two weeks before the actual event I lost a production server at work and wound up pulling an 80 hour week. Even so I started a framework for what will eventually be my virtual drummer.

I was going to try to get it to paint with a brush but work ate the time I would have needed to get a functioning wrist and elbow.

With 3 days to go I pulled a project from out of my drawing arm series and armed with 3 servos a chunk of brass and about $30 bucks worth of carbon rods I managed to have the hardware done the morning of the pdxbot.

On little sleep and with my son I made it to the ‘bot with a tarp in case of real entrants to the artbot competition, and of course my drawing arm. Many calls were made to Jason and Thomas for coffee and thanks to them there was coffee. When we got there Steve (where the hell is … HEY STEVE!!! ) Davee had already arrived with boxes of junk for kids to make art bot’s.

We set up and I wired my arduino up to my bot. After an hour or two of futzing I finally had motion. Which of course brought the usb powered board to its knees. Fortunately for us thomas was prepared with his network slug and soldering iron but unprepared to be off of the net and loaned us it’s 1 amp 5v power supply. With steves wire and thomas’s soldering iron and power supply I had sustainable motion from the bot. But my brain was fried.

Fortunately again Jason was not prepared either.

Jason fried at least two transistors on what is one of the coolest robots I have seen in a long time.

The upside is that he was able to help me code. Within an hour of the event we had a basic drawing machine. Fortunately for me. There were only 3 adult entrants.