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Here are a few Resources.

This is not nearly complete but its a good place to put some of this stuff. I will keep adding to it.


The Raspberian Distribution that we are using.

We are using a modified version of raspberrian that has pure data running on it. We added the arduino software and a few other pieces of software to it. Once we figure out how to neatly package it we will post a link to the final product. In the mean time the source for the distro and some rudimentary instructions for using it are at 

Connecting to your Pi.

I need to write up the specific directions for our environment and both platforms but the links below are what I referenced




  •     (later)

Pure data resources.

Arduino resources

Projects using the same hardware.

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Trying to keep up from home.

My project is a Tipi / Skirt with a rotating video projection that will circulate the perimeter of the Tipi.  The idea is that the video (a figure) will be moving and the moving figure will make a circuit around the perimeter of the garment.  Ideally, I’d like to even upgrade this to have it triggered by a motion detection device so it activates when you’re in range.


Projection inside (rear projection)

Projection rotates

Loop initiated by motion


Even more bonus elements:

whole thing would be wired to turn on / off (power) by motion sensor so I don’t burn the projector out in the course of exhibiting the piece.

Here’s a link to an old blog of mine with an earlier piece (see kangaroo at bottom of blog)  Video clip to right projects inside pouch.

old blog


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A video generating box inspired by the Lumia compositions by Thomas Wilfred in 1930s. Idea is to create a live video micro-set using means and methods I employ in live film performances. Box will have dynamic LED lighting, live video camera and various shiny and/or translucent objects in motion. Result hopefully is an abstract animation that can run “for ever” with no further human input.

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  1. Download and copy image from to sdcard.
  2. ssh to the device
  3. expand the file system using raspi-config
  4. sudo bash; apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade
  5. apt-get install arduino xrdp